Judging by the various titles announced by major game developers in recent weeks, 2018 is shaping up to be a good year for PC gaming. Developers are strongly focused on virtual reality, and not just AAA titles but also independent and casual games that can take advantage of the hardware that is currently on the market. VR is something that custom gaming computers can handle a lot better than consoles; for this reason, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are feeling the heat as they try to envision how to better integrate VR in their next-generation video game consoles.

New Games Run Better On Stronger Hardware

Some VR titles worth mentioning include Primordian, a fantasy adventure that sends players back in time billions of years ago, a time when strange creatures roamed in a world of magic. Another VR game released for PC systems is The Perfect Sniper, which puts players behind the scope of a high-powered rifle controlled by a vigilante who intends to take on a crime family without the help of police. Galaxy Race is a highly anticipated game that puts players on hoverboards steered by means of body balance; playing options include multiplayer racing and disc-throwing battles.

The aforementioned games require systems with hardware requirements that will support Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets; in other words, PCs with powerful CPUs, graphics cards, multimedia processors, cooling systems, lots of memory, and adequate storage. Even though game developers will try to release their titles for the Xbox and PlayStation, they will likely be watered down versions.

Upgrade to Custom Gaming Computers

Since now is the time to start thinking about a custom gaming computer, gamers should keep in mind that VR titles usually take up a lot of storage space and require optimal read performance. To this effect, gamers may wish to consider two drives when putting together their ideal custom gaming rig.

In essence, you will want a fast and spacious solid state drive (SSD) for the operating system and your games plus another drive for backup and bulk storage purposes. You want to look for sequential read performance that is more than 600MB/s for SSD and higher than 6,000 RPM for a spinning hard drive.

The good news is that storage media has gotten very affordable in recent years, which makes it easier for you to install two hard drives in your custom gaming rig. Whenever you are ready to build a new system that can play the latest VR titles, contact PC Performance Pros so that we can start designing your dream gaming rig.