You can certainly find some good deals when you shop for a used computer. However, not every Apple Valley used computer is a good deal. PC Performance Pros outlines a few of the many pitfalls to watch out for as you shop for a used computer.

Price vs. Need vs. Ability

What are the pitfalls of buying a used computer? Even though, the price is nice, a major consideration needs to be about how you will use the computer. The great price for last years model may not be that great if the system you buy needs more RAM (memory,) add a better CPU, or replace the power adapter.

All of those things require you to buy more stuff and that drives up the price of the system. If you have to fork over a ton of cash to get a used system to become something that you need then, it is probably not a good deal. A huge pitfall is the cost of upgrading something that is used. Compare the cost to all of the upgrades and the used price of the computer and determine if you are saving money over buying something that is new.

TIP if you need a system that is more specific than the standard out of the box system is to have a unit custom built. PC Performance Pros builds outstanding customized units, and they do so at affordable prices.

Operating System and Security

There has recently been much controversy about how operating systems lead to increased vulnerability and security system holes. With the death of XP and the entire conversation that illustrates how XP has become the next weak link in operating system security issues, it become important to consider the operating system (OS) of a used computer.

Clearly you want to avoid anything that has XP as its OS. That is unless you plan to upgrade the operating system to Windows 7 or 8. That is a service the PC Performance Pros offers. What you might be buying when you find a used computer on craigslist is a headache. It again comes down to cost and upgrades.

TIP: If you want a new computer but don’t want to pay the full price for a boxed unit, consider a quality refurbished unit. PC Performance Pros offers refurbished computers that have been upgraded, cleaned, and pumped for performance.

When buying a used system always check the specs online vs. what is advertised. Not every used computer is in original shape. Some have been altered, and the questionability of the alteration may pose more problems than gains. For laptops, a good tip is to check the AC Adapter to make sure it is not broken or lose. The machine should always power up smoothly and without warnings. All of the loaded software should launch and be active.

TIP: Be sure to ask what kind of software and peripheral equipment are included with the price. This will help you determine if the value is worth the price or not.

Always have a used system checked out and cleaned by a professional. PC Performance Pros offers outstanding computer sales and service to Apple Valley and High Desert customers. Bring your unit by for an expert diagnostic service and free evaluation.