If you are in the market for a new desktop computer, you might want to consider the benefits of a custom built PC system as opposed to a prefabricated computer. Custom computers are an affordable way to get everything that you need in a computer.

Get the Power You Need

With a custom PC, you can build your computer precisely to your needs. You may not need the largest hard drive, but you might want a modern graphics card. You may not need the fastest processor, but you may need an integrated SD card reader or redundant hard drive backups. Through a custom PC, you can pay for only the components that you need, and you can choose exactly where to allocate your PC budget. If you are a designer, developer, gamer or video editor, you may find that most premade computers simply don’t have the power that you need.

Invest in the Best Parts

Because you are paying for only the features that you need, you can also afford the best parts for your computer. When you purchase a prefabricated computer, corners are often cut when it comes to vital system components, such as motherboards and power supplies. By purchasing the best parts, you can greatly increase the useful life of your computer. As an example, a good motherboard and power supply will be able to support graphics card upgrades for many years to come while a cheaper motherboard or power supply would need to be upgraded for newer technology. You can also customize your PC visually, too; you can get a case in your favorite colors, or find one with additional cooling and air vents.

Avoid Unnecessary Bloatware

Modern PCs tend to come with a lot of “bloatware” — software that the manufacturer of the PC preinstalls. If you do not need this software, it’ll just be taking up additional RAM and CPU cycles without providing any value. With a custom PC, your computer will only have the software installed that you actually need. You will not have to worry about having to uninstall programs or figure out whether certain programs are necessary for the system to run properly.

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