One of the most interesting documentary films ever made about cyber attacks and malware is now available as a virtual reality experience. Directed by Alex Gibney, Zero Days tells the factual story of the Stuxnet computer virus developed by American and Israeli intelligence agencies to target Iranian nuclear facilities. The Zero Days VR experience was designed for the Oculus Rift headset, and it portrays a clever interpretation of how a destructive computer virus spreads across networks as it disrupts its targets.

Dangers of Zero Day Vulnerabilities

One of the interesting aspects of the Zero Days VR experience is that viewers become the Stuxnet virus itself as it replicates and infects computers. It is important to note that Stuxnet went undetected for months despite the cyber security measures taken by Iranian officials and technicians. Such sophistication can be expected from a cyber warfare attack; however, this is something that security researchers are seeing even in the malware that infects personal and business computer systems.
Nearly all desktop computers these days can be purchased with pre-installed antivirus software made available on a subscription basis. When these subscriptions expire, most computer owners choose to renew or seek free alternatives. Despite the prevalence of antivirus software these days, not a day goes by without our technicians performing virus removal services in Apple Valley.

Virus Removal Services When You Need It

It is not unreasonable to think that any of us would one day need an Apple Valley virus removal service; after all, the level of sophistication exhibited by malware such as Stuxnet suggests very advanced development and the ability of coders to create an executable file that does not create a known signature. Computer security researchers who develop antivirus definition files are not able to catch every single algorithm or hash, known as signatures, for the software they support. The definition or signature files that antivirus software routinely updates may not be able to detect malware such as Stuxnet. Should this be the case with your computer, you may need an Apple Valley virus removal service, which starts with a comprehensive scans of the system and all hard drive sectors.

One of the most sophisticated computer virus detected these days is known as a backdoor telebot, which was first detected by researchers in late 2016. This virus was allegedly used by Russian cyber warfare agents against government computer systems in Ukraine, and it is as sophisticated and stealthy as Stuxnet. The civilian version of this virus is known as KillDisk, and it is being for cyber vandalism purposes. If your antivirus software is not able to detect a telebot, you will likely need Apple Valley virus removal.