In an episode of the HBO comedy series “Silicon Valley,” a programmer wants to play a prank on a housemate who has purchased a smart refrigerator that runs on the Android operating system and is protected by a 10-character password. The programmer initially tries to guess the password before coding a utility to launch a dictionary attack; when this does not work, he deploys a brute force attack that requires computing resources from a powerful server.

Understand the Threats Against Password Security

To understand how Apple Valley password recovery works, it helps to know about the two aforementioned cracking techniques, which are often used by malicious hackers to gain unauthorized access to computers, software, and networks.

Dictionary attacks consist of programs that scan through lists of known passwords. In online forums dedicated to cracking, information security and encryption, lists of the most commonly used passwords are often discussed. In 2015, a list of 500 passwords was estimated to contain 75 percent all combinations used by computer users.

Brute force attacks involve using millions of combinations of symbols as well as alphanumeric characters to guess passwords. This method requires significant processing power; for this reason, malicious hackers are likely to use a botnet in to perpetrate brute force attacks.

In the case of computers running on Windows, hackers are known to steal the password file from the operating system folders; they can do this by means of remote access or malware. Although this file is encrypted, hackers can take advantage of a botnet to break through the encryption.

Using Specialized Utilities to Recovery Lost Passwords

The Apple Valley password recovery process combines some elements of the cracking methods listed herein. At PC Performance Pros in Victorville, our technicians use a number of utility programs to regain access to Windows if the password has been reset or lost. Some of the utilities recover the forgotten password while others erase the existing password and allow users to enter a new one. The utility to use will be determined by the Windows version, ease of access to the administrator account and whether it runs on a 32 or 64-bit system. These special programs can be activated from a CD or USB drive; if the computer is used as a server, the Apple Valley password recovery could also be launched by means of network access.

If you have questions about the Apple Valley password recovery service, please feel free contact our computer security specialist at PC Performance Pros.