Get Your Apple Valley Laptop Ready to Go on the Road with You | PC PerformanceThe last thing you want on a business trip is for your laptop to have problems. You lose productivity and have to find a repair shop in an unfamiliar place. The professionals at PC Performance Pros can check over your laptop before you leave town and reduce the risk that you’ll have any problems on the road. Here are a few of the ways that these Apple Valley PC specialists will keep your laptop running smoothly.

Check Your Virus Protection

New computer viruses show up every week, so it’s hard to keep your anti-virus tool updated with the current virus definitions. A complete scan of your laptop will uncover and remove any viruses that may be waiting to plague you. You can be confident that your laptop will startup and run without any problems when you know you’re free of any irritating software viruses.

Tune Up Your Hard Drive

The hard drive collects a variety of temporary files that take up space until you remove them. Software installations and upgrades, Internet browsing history, word processors and graphic editors all create temporary files that you don’t need. PC Performance Pros can remove those files and reclaim that space for you.

Once those unnecessary files are gone, these PC experts can reorganize your hard drive, so it makes better use of the space. Commonly called defragmentation, this technique also moves files around on the hard drive, so they are quicker and easier to access. The result is a laptop that boots up faster, retrieves your files faster, and generally performs any other task faster.

Perform a Data Backup

Your laptop takes a lot of abuse on the road. It may get tossed into the overhead bin of an airplane or sit in the back seat of a warm rental car. While your laptop is built to withstand the bumps and bruises of a road trip, you do risk losing valuable data should the laptop get jostled beyond its limits. Don’t leave home without completing a full backup of your hard drive.

Before leaving Apple Valley, the professionals at PC Performance Pros can create a complete backup of your laptop and provide you with recovery disks should you need to restore your system from a major problem. They can also back up key business directories to the cloud or onto a USB thumb drive, making it convenient to quickly recover important individual files that may become lost or damaged.

You wouldn’t consider leaving on a long trip in your car without it working perfectly. Don’t leave on a business trip with your laptop without having it tuned up and performing at its best.