PC Performance Pros updates the latest computer security issues with which High Desert readers should be concerned. Those are Internet Explorer Zero day security Hole and Adobe Flash Player Security Hole. You might be wondering what a hole is.Think of a hole as an entry point. A place where malware can gain access to your computer. Malware is malicious software that takes on many forms and is basically designed to do harm to your computer, steal your data, or monitor what you do. A patch is something that covers the hole. If you have a hole in a boat and you patch it up, the water can not get into the boat. That is the same idea with the computer software hole and the patch solution.

Adobe Flash Player Security Hole

The Adobe hole is a vulnerability that exists in the original software and hackers have discovered how to use that vulnerability to gain access to your computer. Your computer needs the Adobe Flash Player in order to play any media that is created using Adobe. Security holes exist across all versions of Adobe Flash Player. The patch was released by Adobe in late April and it is important that people make sure that the security patch is installed correctly. Like the example above with the hole and boat. If the security patch is not installed correctly then your computer may still be at risk.

Internet Explorer Zero-Day Security Hole

The Internet Explorer zero-day security hole is present in every single version of Internet Explorer. This security breech is a little more cunning than most. It toys with the computer user before it attacks. For this security hole to provide access to malware, the computer user must first have come into contact with another set of malicious code. To achieve that goal, the hacker invites the computer user to click on a link that seems harmless. Once you have clicked on the harmless link, the hacker can gain access to your computer and all of your data. To make matters worse, the information about how to take advantage of this security hole is available publicly on the Internet. There is a patch, that was issued by Microsoft, available since the first of May. If you have not yet had an opportunity to install that patch PC Performance Pros will do it for you. We will make sure the patch is securely installed on all of your devices.

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Take the time today to address the security issues that face your computer. These two are just the latest in a long line of recent computer security threats that are plaguing computers that are connected to the Internet. PC Performance Pros can help to keep your system safe, even in these times.