One of the most controversial titles in the history of video gaming continues to make headlines months after its contentious debut and release.

No Man’s Sky, the space exploration game that promised to be an experience like no other, was critically panned for failing to deliver on the copious hype it received prior to launch. Thanks to a few updates, patches and fixes, No Man’s Sky has improved considerably and is attaining cult status among fans such as Blake Patterson, a computer gaming enthusiast and online author who has invested $4,000 to build a custom computer gaming rig that will do ultimate justice to this polemic game.

What Goes Into a $4000 Gaming Computer

On the respected video gaming website Polygon, Patterson wrote about the system he designed, which started with a curved screen display connected to a Sony PlayStation 4 console. It did not take long for Patterson to fall in love with No Man’s Sky; he was hooked by the algorithmically created planets and their stylized look that resembles the covers of science fiction paperback novels from the 1970s. Patterson then migrated to a PC version of No Man’s Sky and began building a system that now includes three high-resolution monitors sitting side by side, which happened to be his greatest expense.

The minimum processing and graphics power required to play No Man’s Sky on a desktop system are: Intel Core i3, NVIDIA GTX 480 and at least eight gigabytes of RAM. Some off-the-shelf systems can handle No Man’s Sky, but gaming desktops would be more adequate. An even better solution for playing PC video games that demand peak hardware specifications would be custom computer gaming computers such as the ones designed by PC Performance Pros in Victorville.

Patterson has not limited his custom gaming computer system to No Man’s Sky; he is also enjoying racing titles such as Dirt Rally and Forza 3 as well as adventure games like Elite and The Witcher 3. He now has a system that can handle virtual reality titles and essentially any PC game that comes on the market. Still, he confesses that No Man’s Sky has been his main motivation for spending $4,000 on his custom gaming rig.

It is important to note that the greatest expense Patterson incurred was on his high-resolution screens, one of them being a state-of-the-art television set. If you are interested in custom gaming computers of all price ranges, consult the experts at PC Performance Pros.