After a very solid Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there is no doubt that interest is once again on the rise for PC gaming. After more than a decade of dominance by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony, the three biggest names in video game consoles, developers are once again turning their attention to the desktop gaming market.

Now that the holiday shopping season is in full swing, PC gamers have an opportunity to snag titles such as “Battlefield 1: Revolution,” the premium version of the popular World War I shooter, for less than $30. The PC versions of “Wolfenstein: The New Colossus” and “Mafia 3” are also selling at deep discounts for the holidays, and the Steam online gaming marketplace is also offering deals on various titles; in fact, this platform saw 17 million visitors on the day following Black Friday.

There has never been a better time than the present to look into custom gaming rigs. Virtual reality games are all the rage this holiday season; to this effect, “Rez Infinite” is one of the most attractive titles along with the “Grand Theft Auto V” VR conversion. “Doom VFR” is expected to hit store shelves in time for Christmas, and this will be a game that begs to be played on a powerful custom-built computer.

Why PC Gaming Is Making a Comeback

Over the last few years, the gaming console giants have been engaged in a battle for supremacy that has benefited gamers to a certain extent. Console manufacturers have increased their hardware capacity, but they still lag behind PCs; moreover, they have also tried to increase functionality by offering media center options and web browsing, but these efforts have fallen short when compared to powerful gaming desktops.

The market value of the PC gaming sector stands at $23 billion, which means that it is close to doubling the console market. We are clearly entering a new era of PC gaming; if you want to enjoy the best that new games have to offer, you need to look beyond the console.

Gamers who want to get the full experience of VR games and AAA titles in the High Desert should contact PC Performance Pros in Victorville ahead of the holidays. If some of your loved ones are console gamers, a custom-built gaming desktop would be a Christmas gift they will certainly appreciate and never forget.